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Insight from Patricia Tate

We had the pleasure of interviewing Astrologer Patricia Tate, owner of Willow Grace Mystic in Canton, Ohio. Tate is an expert in Tarot, Astrology, and Reiki.

Tate has been a teacher for 34 years, with a Master's degree in Counseling, and has devoted her life to helping others. Tate offers Tarot and Astrology consultations and workshops that will help anyone in their spiritual journey. 


In our interview with Patricia Tate, we had the opportunity to dive into and learn how love languages are connected to the planet of Venus. Below is our interview with Tate and what we learned from our conversation with her. 


Question: How are we all connected to the planet, Venus? 


Tate: “Venus is one of the personal planets so you look to Venus for your love language because it shows you how you love, what you love, what you give in return, or what you need in return from others. It's how you communicate in love with words, touch, and acts of service. It's where you give and receive your time. It's where you can sympathize with others”. 


Question: Does each planet have an effect on our energy/energies? 


Tate: “Each planet has specific energy with us. So the sun is where we shine, our moon is our emotional private side. Mercury is how we communicate and Venus is where we show love. Mars is where we get our drive and ambition. Jupiter is an expansive party and gifts. Neptune is dreamy, and Pluto is transformative. Uranus deals in shock and surprise. So each one of those has an influence on the outer ones and is more generational and they take longer. The inner planets we call personal planets and Venus is one of the personal planets so you look to Venus for your love language”. 


Question: Do Venus placements have to be compatible for relationships to work? 

Tate: “So in your astrology chart, you are not just one thing. You are complex and made up of all these signs, all these planets, all these houses all make up you and so you are not just one simple love language. They do give and they want to receive this but there could be other placements that might make it difficult or might make it where they're not happy doing it. It can be like there could be a wound with their Chiron or there could be something that they set up for themselves”. 

Question: Is there a direct or absolute answer to chart placements? 


Tate:  “I don’t believe that there is a direct answer. So I worked with some partners. I always do their chart and my chart together and I will say that to them because I'm being transparent. They don't even know half the time and they don't understand the chart. So they're saying to me, ‘Hey, keep this private, this is my soul contract and what do you know about it?’ And then I'm like, ‘oh, okay, this person's a procrastinator, I'm gonna struggle with that, this person does this, why am I struggling with it?’ So I weigh the pros and cons and then I say okay, this is who I am and this is who you are I ask, ‘do you think that we can work through this?’ And then I try to be proactive and say this is who I am. There are some non-negotiables and then there are some things that don't bother me. Then if we can have an agreement, then we can move forward with working together.” Tate doesn’t really believe that there is an absolute yes or no answer in placements regarding a natal chart. She rather believes that there is a reason for a season or a lifetime for some people, and some people change. 


Check out Patricia Tate’s website for more information about astrology



Check out Patricia Tate’s website for more information about astrology


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